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Meet Sloane, a soft-modern, contemporary home with eye-catching features, subtle detail and a nod to pop art. It’s giving us all the feels. Allow me to expound on how we were able to transform Sloane from a set of blue-prints to a drool-worthy house that screams, “Welcome home”!

At Studio M Interiors, meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations is the name of the game and there is nothing we enjoy more than a good challenge. Designing Sloane to incorporate a mixture of design features was nothing short of exhilarating.

First, let me introduce you to the exterior. We matched minimal landscaping next to a bold, clean-lined home with a dark roof, stark white siding, and moody grey stone. The natural pathway leading towards the door adds a note of nostalgia which is reflected in the lighting flanking the door and the hand-forged, bronze entry handleset.

A key component to this home is visual interest. To incorporate that, the team added subtle pattern and textures. For instance, the white oak floors leading into the home is installed in a chevron pattern which encourages the eye to travel up the grass-cloth wallpaper to detailed tray ceilings, over to a diverse mix of light fixtures. When meeting with our clients, its noting these abounding details which assure them that the house they are building will immediately feel like home upon completion.

And what makes a house feel like home more than its center stage, the kitchen? To give this space the eclectic edge our client was interested in, not only did we encourage a mix of cabinetry finishes, we also encouraged a mix of hardware finishes. Matte Black, Brass, and Glass against shaker style cabinets again gesture towards nostalgia while also contributing its contemporary draw. The large-print, mosaic tile backsplash elevates the modern aspect of the home and foreshadows the eye-catching upper level yet to come.

To guarantee a seamless transition from main to upper level we offered a bold patterned runner for the stairway and included gorgeous geometric views through the expansive light fixture and in-studio designed stair banisters.

*Now’s the time to mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come and give a slow-clap to our client who trusted us enough to roll with this portion of the design.*






Remember how I mentioned that, “nod to pop art”? Well if you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled throughout the main level, you need look no longer. Take a peek at some of the coolest, brightest, boldest, bedrooms Studio M Interiors has ever designed:

Utilizing patterned, black and white wallpaper from Schumacher against a bright paint color allows for an Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein appearance while maintaining a playful innocence. As is true for many of our homes, Studio M was also put on the task of sourcing furniture, art and décor which allowed us to follow through on the overall look and feel of these rooms (and the entire home!). A bright red Lindy bed and yellow champagne nightstands in both bedrooms complete the look and allow an easy introduction to the adjacent Jack & Jill bath. This look and feel continues through the playroom.


And there you have it~Project complete!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the house! What caught your eye? Leave us a comment below!

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