We Choose You

What exactly do we mean when we say “We Choose You?”

Here at Studio M Interiors, you may have seen or heard us say “We Choose You.” We’ll admit that it can sound kind of snobby or exclusive without context. But our intent behind it is the opposite.

“We Choose You” means that it’s not about us, it’s about uniquely you.

Wait, What?

Maybe you’re browsing our website, and you don’t see your dream home on there. Well, we believe you’re not supposed to! “We choose you” is about the idea of clients coming to us because you want something that’s never been done before. Something completely custom and totally tailored to you, your style, and your family.

“We Choose You” is a mantra that’s central to our entire process. It’s not OUR look. It’s yours.
It’s not OUR style. It’s yours.
It’s not OUR home. It’s yours.

We always choose you and your style, while staying true to why you hired an interior designer. We push boundaries as we introduce you to designs, materials, and pieces that you didn’t know you’d love.



Who’s “You?”

At Studio M, we enthusiastically “Choose You” over our personal tastes or desire to fit a specific aesthetic. That’s why we don’t start with preconceived ideas of what a finished room could be. We start by getting to know “You” on a personal level by asking questions like:

  • What does “You” look like?

  • How do “You” need a home to serve you and your needs?

  • What makes “You” feel calm, energetic, and comforted?

  • What was the last vacation that “You” felt completely rested?

    Through our early engagements together, we want to hear from you, our clients. We seek to be complete students of “You,” so that we can design the home that represents everything “You”. Making your dream a reality when you walk through the door of your home. Our clients know that they can trust us for a customized, curated property that they never could have imagined on their own. Because each home is different, unique, and completely custom – just like “You.”

    We Choose You. Will you?

    To inquire about our getting to know you process – or to get to know us, email Missy at missy@studiom2.wpengine.com.