Project Spotlight: Lake Town Acres

When a couple approached us about creating a modern farmhouse, it would have been easy to go straight to reclaimed barn wood and kitschy word art. But here at Studio M Interiors, we don’t just blindly follow the trends. Instead, we began to unpack your “why” for wanting that style. And that’s exactly what we did with our Lake Town Acres clients. After our first conversation, we knew there was potential for something beautiful, unique, and totally custom.



We believe that your dream home isn’t found in a beautiful picture you see on the internet. How could it be? It should be totally unique and tailored to fit your lifestyle. It should build on the deeper understanding of you and your family. It should feed your heart and soul. It’s about our mantra, we choose you.


We don’t just design what you want; we design why you want it.

A farmhouse home is meant to be experienced with an air of simplicity. It’s light, airy, and often filled with love more than things. And, yes, there are the animals. Traditionally, farm homes were built to withstand the test of time. They are revered for their superior craftsmanship and ability to hold up to the elements year-after-year, season-after-season, and gathering-after-gathering. 


So, when our client asked for an elevated farmhouse-style home, you can imagine they had our attention.



Let’s stand on the grass and talk.

At Studio M, we pride ourselves on being at the table from your first daydream to the placement of the final pillow. With our experienced design team hailing not only from different areas of the Midwest but with a variety of backgrounds – including NCIDQ certification, the highest accreditation offered in Interior Design, we know that a project is at its most successful when we are at the table with you and your architect. Your architect designs your home, and your interior designer designs for your lifestyle. 

We start with what may seem like odd questions, but it all ladders up to defining exactly what you need your home to be. Some key questions for uncovering the Lake Town Acres project were:

  • Who will be living here, visiting here, and how often?
  • Think of a time that you were at your most happy. Where were you, and what did that look and feel like?
  • What does ‘entertain’ mean to you ­– and who are your guests, what are you doing, and where should we design to do it?

It’s more than just a checklist. We make sure that before the first hammer starts swinging, that we can fully visualize you living in this hypothetical space. We plan to make sure that every outlet, every daylight hour, and every fabric is thought of in a way that aligns with your desires.




Visualizing it.

Every single home that Studio M Interiors designs is tailored to each client’s specific tastes, wants, and needs. There is no template, no set style, and no formula. It’s those small things that speak to our client’s lives that truly make the house a home. That’s why when our clients bring us in at the very beginning, the final outcome feels the most integrated and relaxed.

But often times, because we are creating something so custom, it can be hard to visualize what it could look like. Blueprints are a great start, but there’s not much character there. So, here at Studio M, we build your house from the ground up, digitally. 

Early in the process, we use 2D and 3D modeling tools, like SketchUp and CAD, to bring your house to life via illustration. You’ll be “seeing” your home every step of the way, guaranteeing that our selections feel just right.

Laurie, an Interior Designer here at Studio M, along with designers Melissa and Sara, really own the SketchUp process here at Studio M. This computer program takes 2D sketches and turns them into 3D, so clients can really see how everything feels in the space. Is the color right? Is there too much furniture? How does everything feel in the space? And we can answer all those questions without even stepping foot inside the home.

And this is a major benefit to our clients’ builders and architects, too. They too can be able to understand in a 3D format the look you’re going. Using these tools can truly elevate the design process. It’s these skills that take the project in an elevated direction.

Lake Town Acres Project Highlights 

So, with our sketches and models approved, we moved forward to create our client’s dream home. Here are some memorable moments from our time spent with our client, Lake Town Acres:

  • The home is comfortable in scale to accommodate the day-to-day lives of the two who live there – right down to having a seat for him near her dressing space for having conversation while getting ready.
  • Farmhouse simplicity right down to the no-fuss attitude of those who live there. Fabrics used in the primary kitchen are Sunbrella. Why? Because of its location right off the pool, it was imperative the materials hold up to wet bathing suits and snacks alike without a second glance.
  • Speaking of being right off the pool: Who’s hungry? With being the friends-with-a-pool, having enough outlets available on an expansive kitchen island to accommodate Crockpots was a must.
  • Making a farmhouse upscale: His and hers master bathrooms. Each with their own take but still completely aligned. These two separate water closets are connected by a dreamy hallway shower that you must see to believe.
  • Designing with the lot in mind: Privacy shades were designed literally into the walls. Because of the collaboration from day one, Studio M understood the property nuances and need for privacy from any public property lines. No more curtains or blinds obstructing views while they’re open, and total privacy when they’re not.
  • An outside lifestyle in the Midwest. Yes, you can have this home in Michigan! We really understand the four-season reality and all the (sometimes challenging) nuances that come with it. That’s why furnishings are intentionally selected to hold place against wind, rain and fading, yet still manageable for the reality of being stored for winter months.
  • Did you know that ambiance and layered lighting is just as important as what color you’re putting on the walls? Extreme care was taken to place outlets at the right height, above certain windows, and in floors to accommodate lighting at every area that could require illumination – from ambient lighting to their favorite reading spot.
  • We’re more than interior designers. From the slope of the property and where the sun sets, Studio M is taking the steps to see well beyond the interior. Your home is truly a full property to be enjoyed, inside and out.


Never get caught asking, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Studio M is here to make your project easy, elevated, and most importantly – true to you. Send us an email here to get started.